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The paint seal serves as protection for the car paint after a paintwork preparation or polishing.

Due to its cleaning effect, you can occasionally use Momo's Garage Wax as a care product.

To do this, you have to work the wax into the paint using an application pad a little longer in circles.

It closes the micro-unevenness and ensures that dirt particles, insect residues and road salt do not get into the paint pores. A protective film is built up that protects the clear coat.

After the vehicle has been sealed, you will find that washing the vehicle is easier, more thorough and quicker.

The 100% pure carnauba wax is so brittle that you can rub it off with little pressure. It does not bond with the paint, but rather forms a protective film on the vehicle paint.

Our goal was to produce a wax that has the gloss level of 100% carnauba wax and still creates a hard and long-lasting protective layer.

Momo's Garage Wax went through a lengthy development process of 16 months.

After many tests, we have succeeded in producing a wax that combines the advantages of a ceramic sealant and carnauba wax.

Recommended application for newer or pretreated vehicles:

Avoid application in strong sunlight.

1. Wash the vehicle thoroughly.
1.1 Degrease with 70% isopropanol (diluted). This ensures better adhesion, but is not absolutely necessary with regular use.

2. Apply Momos Garage Carnauba wax thinly and in circular movements with the enclosed fine-pored sponge until a film is visible. Work step by step from component to component.

3. Let the wax film rest at this point depending on the ambient temperature. In warm temperatures 10 minutes is enough and in cooler temperatures we recommend 20 minutes to act. Do not let dry!

4. You can now polish the surface with the enclosed microfiber cloth. Fold the cloth several times so you always have a clean surface.

5. Your vehicle is weatherproof after approx. 6 hours.

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Momos Garage ® Carnauba wax sealer

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