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  • 💎 Crystal clear windows - 101% lint-free and streak-free windows 💎
  • 💎The perfectly selected waffle structure is suitable for a lightning-fast absorption of all liquids on surfaces, leaving no fibers or lint behind 💎
  • 💎 The Momo's Industries microfibre window cleaning cloths are specially developed for car windows to clean stubborn fingerprints, streaks, nicotine veils or mist from the air conditioning system without leaving streaks or residue 💎
  • 💎 Edge sewn around with fine microfibre, window cleaning cloth can also be used in the household, in the kitchen and for scratch-sensitive dishes. Thanks to the ultra-soft and gentle fibers, surfaces remain permanently brilliant 💎
  • 💎 Very easy to use - ideal in combination with Momo's Industries glass cleaner. Spray on the cleaner, let it work for a short time and then wipe off streak-free with the dry cloth 💎


  • Size: 35x35cm
  • Weight: 400GSM
  • Lint-free and streak-free glass cleaning
  • Removes all residues
  • Edge sewn around with fine microfibre
  • Special waffle structure



Knock out the cloth

Wet the surface with glass cleaner

Place a folded cloth on the surface and remove the cleaner without applying pressure


  • For particularly heavily soiled windows, a glass cleaner should completely wet the window several times so that the cleaner can dissolve the dirt better. Wipe the wet surface with the MI GT 1.0 and, if necessary, wipe with a second dry MI GT 1.0.
  • Washable at up to 60 ° C in the washing machine (preferably with microfiber detergent)
  • After washing, knock out the cloth and hang it up to dry (a tumble dryer can also be used)

Material composition:

  • 80% polyester 20% polyamide

Momo's Industries microfiber waffle cloth specially developed for car glass and caravans

MI GT 1.0 windshield cloth is the perfect partner for cleaning glass. Lint-free and streak-free

It removes all residues without leaving any residue, ideally in combination with Momo's Industries car glass cleaner. The special waffle structure is suitable for an extremely fast absorption of all liquids on surfaces without leaving fibers and lint.

The MI GT 1.0 is ideally suited for cleaning glass surfaces and window panes without leaving streaks or residues. On the car it is preferably used to clean the windows or high-gloss components, because hardly any other microfiber cloth achieves such perfect results when cleaning smooth surfaces.

Momo's Industries® Microfaser Waffeltuch Glastuch für eine kristallklare Sicht

VAT Included
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