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Momo's Industries® FINAL TOUCH

As the name suggests, Final Touch takes on the finishing touches. After washing your vehicle, your vehicle is clean, but the paintwork is very stressed and rough. Don't worry, this is completely normal. Because the calcareous water is neutralized and cared for in one pass with Momo's Industries® Final Touch.

The product removes limescale residues after washing the vehicle. It optimizes the properties of the surface and creates a water- and dirt-repellent protective layer. The product can be used on dry and damp surfaces. Ideally, the surface to be sealed should be cool and dry.

Areas of application:

- Shine booster

- dry laundry

- Quick sealing

  • 💎Save time and money! A wet car wash is superfluous, especially for oldtimers and show vehicles that are only driven in the dry! Momo's Industries® Final Touch encapsulates light dirt and can be easily removed with the included microfiber cloth without leaving any streaks or scratches! 💎
  • 💎 High quality 3 in 1 dry wash spray with carnauba wax / car wax / polish with premium microfibre cloth for removal. The product provides a deep gloss and protection💎
  • 💎 Our 3 in 1 formula encapsulates the static dust and is super easy to remove, while the paint is sealed and protected with liquid carnauba wax. Protects for weeks 💎
  • 💎 Noticeably more smoothness and shine after use! With this product you can achieve a great finish in just one step
  • 💎 A smooth, clean and shiny finish in minutes. Quick Coat gloss booster, dry wash and paint sealer in one. Applicable on all surfaces. Can also be used for motorcycles, caravans, boats and quads. Coating car sealer Quick sealer removes static dirt easily and effortlessly 💎

Sometimes it takes more than water. Momo's Industries ® Final Touch was developed together with hundreds of car enthusiasts to invent an all in one product,

- Our 3 in 1 spray envelops the dirt and prevents scratches from occurring during use

- The product docks on the paint molecule and protects your vehicle permanently from environmental influences

- Visibly more shine on the surface without streaks and stains. It contains natural substances such as carnauba and can also be used as a spray wax after washing the car.

Including 2-sided all-round premium microfibre cloth premium polishing cloth

Can be used on the paintwork and in the cockpit very soft, premium cloth ultrasonically cut

- no risk of scratches when used correctly


- Simply spray on the surface, first remove the coarse dirt with the long pile side without pressure, turn the cloth several times

- Then turn the cloth over (short-pile side) and lightly moisten it with Final Touch

- Polish the varnish to a high gloss. Do not apply pressure! In the case of heavily soiled vehicles, we recommend washing the vehicle beforehand

Processing temperature: + 3 ° C to + 35 ° C

Storage and shelf life: 24 months at room temperature in tightly closed original containers and without UV exposure

Storage temperature: + 7 ° C to + 22 ° C

Protect from direct sunlight and frost

Momo's Industries ® Final Touch Premium Varnish Quick Sealer Wax Spray

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