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Momo's Industries auto glass cleaner

  • Momo's Industries glass cleaner is a fast evaporating, highly effective professional glass cleaner.
  • Car glass cleaner for a crystal clear view.
  • Ready-to-use glass cleaner that is suitable for all smooth surfaces on vehicles, buildings, etc. It effortlessly removes stubborn dirt from oil, grease, insects and the like. Furthermore, it pulls off without streaks and improves the sliding effect of the cleaning cloth due to the gloss and smoothness additive. Also perfect for household use
  • Including Momo's Industries premium glass cloth!

Momo's Industries high-end glass cleaner developed for cars, caravans and interior glazing. Including Momo's Industries glass cloth! The professional solution for car cleaning CLEANS & PROTECTS ALL GLASS SURFACES OF YOUR CAR Stubborn dirt is easily removed with the Glass Cleaner. So you have a clear view in the car again and driving is fun again!

Momo's Industries ® Auto Glasreiniger | Scheibenreiniger | Scheibeninnenreinige

€23.90 Regular Price
€19.36Sale Price
VAT Included
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