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Paint preparation | vehicle care | polishing | sealing

Momo's Industries

experts for car care technologies

Momo's Industries® is a company in the field of vehicle preparation and paint preparation.

In 2016 we laid the foundation stone in Haiger and since then we have prepared more than 1000 super sports cars, luxury cars and classic cars at an extremely high level.

Over the course of time, we have developed products with one of the largest chemical manufacturers in Germany, for which we have sometimes turned very small adjusting screws for several months in order to be able to bring only perfect products onto the market.

In 2020 we supplied Momo's Garage and Momo's Industries care products to more than 10,000 customers worldwide. This includes private users, hobbyists and also professional vehicle dressers across Europe .

The aim of car preparation is to increase the value of the car and to bring the car to the highest possible quality. With the car preparation, your car remains clean and well preserved in the long term.

Even if you own a new car, it is advisable to recondition your car yourself from time to time or to have it reconditioned.

Paint seals

With our unique seals we support automobile enthusiasts and those who want to become one.

We want your dream car to shine in perfect appearance.
Our sealants contain extremely fine abrasives for even better adhesion and leave no residue on plastic or rubber parts. In contrast to conventional seals, which only lie on the surface of the paint , ours bond with the surface of your paint.
Training in our polishing academy

For absolute beginners, vehicle enthusiasts as well as advanced vehicle preparation technicians who are looking for the finishing touches, we sometimes offer interior and exterior preparation training courses in small groups.

Including certification. Ask us!

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